Visit the wonderful St. Michael’s Church, the only church oblong in shape with grey-stone walls and a hipped roof in Finland, which is ideally placed at the heart of this vibrant small town. The church was built in the late 1680s under the term of Henricus Florinus, vicar of Kimito and then of Pemar in the diocese of Åbo, to replace an earlier wooden church. Florinus is known as one of the developers of the Finnish language. At the beginning of the 18th century, he edited the first collection of Finnish proverbs.

St Maichaels church
St Michael´s Church

There is another, smaller Lutheran church overlooking the Paimio bay: the idyllic St. Jacob’s Church, designed by the famous Finnish Jugend (Art Nouveau) architect Lars Sonck and built in 1928. The present (fourth) church replaced one built in 1806 and destroyed by a fire in 1909, whereas the history of the first St. Jacob’s Church on this site goes back to as early as the Middle Ages. The wooden bell tower standing by the church was constructed in 1734, and the neoclassical tomb, the R.H. Rehbinder Mausoleum, in the vicinity of the church dates back to 1824. Count Rehbinder, who once owned the Viksberg Manor nearby, was Minister-Secretary of State for the Grand Duchy of Finland between 1811 and 1841.